Las 931 reuniones celebradas el año pasado en la capital regional congregaron a 149.901 asistentes

Tourism linked to the celebration of congresses, conferences and conventions generated a direct economic impact of almost 40 million euros in the city of Murcia during the last year of 2022.

This was announced today by the Councilor for Tourism, Consumption and Commerce, Jesús Pacheco, accompanied by Felipe Saldaña, as a representative of the business side, during the presentation of the main conclusions collected by the Meeting Tourism Study in the Municipality of Murcia relating to the previous year and prepared by the Murcia Congress Office.

In 2022, the regional capital hosted a total of 931 meetings that brought together 149,901 attendees. In turn, the average expenditure of the participants per person per day was 260 euros for those who stayed in 4-star hotels and 240 euros for those who stayed overnight in 3-star hotels.

These amounts include the registration fee, accommodation, food and other extra expenses, such as internal transportation and purchases. On average, those attending a conference were in Murcia for 3 days, while those who attended conferences and conventions stayed for 2 days.

Councilor Pacheco highlighted that "we are going to work to ensure that Murcia continues to grow as a venue for top-level conferences, conferences and seminars. The celebration of these events generates wealth and boosts the economy of the municipality. In addition, it contributes to improving the image of our city in other provinces and other countries. It is a path of progress and growth.

Of the 931 meetings held in Murcia last year, 98 were congresses, with a participation of 34,067 people. Compared to 2019, the last year before the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2022 congresses grew by 16% and attendees by 43%, since in 2019 84 congresses were held in Murcia (14 less than in 2022 ) attended by 23,741 people (10,326 less than last year).

As for conventions, Murcia hosted 76, with a number of participants of 6,561. In addition, another 109,273 people attended the conferences, symposiums and seminars.

On the other hand, the economic and commercial field was the one that held the most appointments, with 307, followed by the medical and health field, with 251; and the chemist and pharmacist, who organized 93 events.

Congress tourism generated almost 10% of the total overnight stays that occurred in Murcia last year.

The study also shows that the months in which the most events were held were March, May, October and November. In this period, 53% of the total meetings that Murcia hosted in 2022 took place.

Regarding the generators of the congresses, conventions and conferences, the private sector led to the celebration of 58.54% of the total events, while the public initiative was behind the remaining 41.46%.

Víctor Villegas Auditorium and Congress Center was the venue most used to organize the different events. Specifically, it hosted 43% of the total meetings held.